Pay it Forward

Yupi, sempre vou participar no desafio"Pay it Forward" através do blog da Trisha e partilhar algum"crafting love"com quem quiser participar, é só ler as regras e deixar um comentário.

1.Tens que ter um blog para participar

2.As primeiras três pessoas a comentar esta mensagem aceitam participar no desafio "Pay it forward"
postando no seu blog e jogando com as primeiras três pessoas que por sua vez postarem no seu blog.

3.Eu comprometo-me a enviar um presente feito à mão dentro de 365 dias para as primeiras três pessoas que comentarem esta mensagem.( Envio para Portugal  ou Estrangeiro)
                                          VEM DIVERTIR-TE

Who wants to play...
Come on and join in the fun!
I am so excited I just signed up to play Pay it Forward with Trisha over at Made during sleepytime.This is a fun little way to share some crafting love. For those of you who haven't heard of it here are the rules....

1. You must have a blog to play

2. The first three people to comment on this post agree to play Pay it Forward by posting on their blog and playing with the first three people that comment on their blog.

3. I agree to send, sometime withing 365 days, a gift (handmade) to those same three people who commented on this blog post. (That is the "playing" part!) The gift doesn't have to be crafty, so don't worry about that.
Sounds like a lot of fun, right! It really is as easy as it sounds, go head and leave a comment. I will also ship outside Portugal
Come on and join in the fun!

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Trisha disse...

So excited you are joining in!!!!!